Organisatieadviesbureau Dekker & Van Kalleveen

Executive Coaching

Organisatieadviesbureau Dekker & van Kalleveen (the consultancy firm) is a company based in the Netherlands that provides customized services that develop current and future leaders. And their skills and abilities to improve results.

We work in an international environment and focus on cross cultural leadership, on-boarding, boardroom dynamics and career counselling.

Our clients are mostly highly gifted, talented persons. In Business, Sports or Arts.

We assess future leaders and develop them through executive coaching. Our goal is to aim at a balanced personality that enhances long-term success through personal growth.


In addition to that we make successful senior executives and their teams better.

Partnering with the sponsoring executive, we leverage the ‘soft’ factors that improve the ‘hard’ business metrics.

Our approach in Executive Coaching:


Executive Coaching is a highly personalized relationship that strengthens a talented person’s performance through focused execution of organization, role, and individual career choices.


Executive Coaching provides:

Executive Coaching includes:

Please contact us by e-mail for more information. We provide to suggest you with a tailor made solution for your issues at short notice.

Program fees will range from $22,900 to $55,800 for the entire program and include all course-related fees and program-related expenses. The program consist of 2-4 day parts face to face with the executive coach, reading material and some exercises (homework).

Organisatieadviesbureau Dekker & van Kalleveen is headed by Reinout van Kalleveen (1959).

Dhr. Reinout van Kalleveen MBA MSc. (1959)

He studied Economics and Business Administration in the Netherlands (1979). During his career he worked in several executive positions for the International Banking Sector (1987), the Government (1994), the Media sector (1999) and his privately owned companies (as of 2002).

He has more than ten years experience in executive coaching.

Some of the recent executive coaching involved:


Dekker & Van Kalleveen Voluntary has been set up as part of the consultancy firm to support gifted (top) talent in the age between 18 to 30 years old. It is meant to be for those persons that have (a proven) talent, but need a coach or sparringpartner to guide them to the full exploration of their talent. To fit their talent in the professional world and to make their talent multifunctional, adapted to the changes that will happen in their lifes and World(economy). Since this program is for free (without any costs, apart from travelling to our location) the candidates should have no possession of the normally required funds or otherwise lack the (financial) sources or support. Or are not able to allocate those funds.

The persons that will be accepted in this Voluntary Program will first have an intake conversation.

The coaching will be held in Dutch or English.