Mensa bestaat 75 jaar 01-10-2021


Mensa International Newsletter

Dear Members,

It's time to celebrate! Whatever we did, we must have done something right. Seventy-five years after its inception, Mensa is by far the world's premier intelligence society, with members all over the world - and growing.

Our story begins, as stories often do, with a random meeting on a train. Roland Berrill and Lance Ware found each other after the end of the war. Optimism was in the air, as was, I imagine, an openness to novel ideas. IQ tests were a new and exciting thing with great potential and their thinking was straightforward: let's use this fascinating tool to gather objectively smart people and, perhaps, in that way we can make the world a little better.

As ideas come, there have been worse. Three quarters of a century later, some early visions may not have played out as planned, yet the result is arguably better than anything our founders imagined. Over time, Mensa found its purpose. Our society is in itself both a statement about human intelligence as a possible force for good, and a place to call home for its members.

We are still here after all these years because Mensa makes a difference to the lives of lots of people. That has not changed since the early days, and that is why Mensa will still be around 75 years from now.


Your ExComm